Message from Thanksgiving Sunday

Some of us have more thankful dispositions than others and some of us require a prod to stimulate our gratefulness. Thanksgiving provides an annual very prominent reminder to all of us to stop and reflect on all we have to be thankful for even as we experience both joy and sorrow in our lives.
Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday but for those of us with Faith it is time to remember that Jesus assured us that He will always be with us, and so the Communion service we share today will inspire our gratitude for God’s unfailing Love as made visible in the sacrifice of Jesus.
Today’s reading from Isaiah reminds us that Jesus payed the ultimate price not just for our forgiveness but for our healing, for both our spiritual and our physical needs. It was once and for all and for all generations. As God’s holy children we have only to receive and live that sacrifice. If we are truly thankful we will live in holiness in every way we can and we will help others to to do that as well. Service to others is our ultimate expression of gratitude to God and Thanksgiving Day is an opportunity to focus on that gratitude, to be motivated to give everything back in Love in preparation for the final Coming.

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