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What is a Christian?

Acts 11:26

Following the outpouring of The Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost followers of Jesus went everywhere sharing the Gospel.  The message spread to Antioch where we now find Paul spending a full year preaching and teaching.

It was here that for the first time followers of Jesus were called Christians. How did they identify these people as Christians? There must have been something about them that warranted that name.



1.What is a Christian?

  1. Popular answers.
  2. A Church goer, by this definition the Pharisees, Saul, and all those who attend church no matter their lifestyle are Christians.
  3. A praying person – Pharisees prayed and Jesus said “You are of your father the devil”. Saul prayed and also persecuted the Christians.
  4. A good living person – If this made a person a Christian Calvary was totally a mistake.
  5. A keeper of the commandments.  – Rich young ruler, “All these I have kept” Mth 19:20
  6. A reader of the Bible, Satan can quote the Bible.
  7. A baptized person – how many have been baptized and are now among the leading rogues in society.
  8. A church member
  9. What does the Bible Say  
  10. A Christian is a Believer Believes what the Bible says about sin, Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Rom 10:9 Confess and believe
  11. A Christian is a Repenter Acts 17:30 commands everyone to repent.  Forsake the old, turn around, and follow a different leader. Lk 3:8, Mk 1:4John the Baptist called people to repent. Jesus began His ministry by calling people to Repent.  The disciples began their ministry by calling people to repent. Rev letters to the churches called people to repent.
  12. A Christian is a Possessor Rev3:20, Rom 8:9-10  Temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 6:19 Possessor Magowan
  13. A Christian is a Follower  Jn 10:27 “My sheep hear; they follow”


  1. A Christian is an Inheritor    – Among the Sanctified Acts 26:18

of Heaven Jn 14:1-3.

  1. A Christian in a Ambassador Represents Christ in a hostile world.  Has the full backing of Heaven at their disposal.  Has the reputation of Christ to uphold.

Thomas Cook meets 2 brothers who purchased an engine from Frank Crossley. Engine too small, in danger of being bankrupt.

“I met a man today who treated me as Christ would have done”

Do people see Christ in our Actions, Words, Reactions, and Attitudes?

  1. A Christian is a Communicator By Life, By Lip, By Literature
  1. How can a person become a Christian
  2. By Admitting they are not a Christian
  3. By Confessing their Sin to Jesus
  4. By Believing the Promises in the Bible   Jn 3:16 Rev 3:20 Rom 10:9
  5. By receiving Salvation by faith in what Jesus accomplished on our behalf on Calvary.  “Christ died the just for the unjust”

Duncan Campbell

“A Christian is someone who has been Supernaturally Altered”

A Christian in someone who has been Adopted/ Born Again into God’s family

The question we need to ask is “Am I a Christian in the Biblical sense”?

Mom and Dad – Called themselves Christian – but only became real Christians the night they met Jesus.

The Bible reminds us that when it is real “His Spirit witnesses with our spirit that we are children of God” Rom 8:16

John Bennett

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