Message from January 30, 2022

Phone Zone

One of the many benefits of cell phones is that we have virtually unlimited access to others. As a result we phone or text much of the time, even while driving. Because of the associated danger many countries have made distracted driving illegal and have installed highway signs to remind drivers of cell-phone zones to remind drivers of where they can pull off the road to talk and text safely to their heart’s delight.

While it is good to restrict mobile phone communication for drivers, there is another kind of communication that is always available without restriction, and that is through prayer. God invites us to call whether we are coming, going, or sitting quietly. In the new Testament Paul’s words advise each person who wants to communicate with God to “pray continually” (Thessalonians 5:17). Paul brackets this divine open-door policy by encouraging us to “rejoice always” (v.16) and to “give thanks in all circumstances” (v.18). God calls us to Joy and Thanksgiving, expressions of Faith in God through Christ anchored in continual prayer.

God is available for our quick cry or for a lengthy conversation. God welcomes  us into a relationship , a constant and endless sharing of our joys and gratitude, needs, questions, and concerns (Hebrews:4:15-16). We are always in the prayer zone.

Bill Crowder – Our Daily Bread

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