Message for August 2, 2020

 3  Hurdles Joshua had to jump over.

1. The Hurdle of Moses’s Mantle! Moses was an outstanding leader and a hard one for anyone to follow. He had an excellent track record with God and with the people. He had come a long way with the children of Israel and Joshua had the task of taking  over the reins from him. How inadequate Joshua must have felt!

2. The Hurdle of the River Jordan. Just imagine coordinating about two million Jews to cross the Jordan which was about one mile wide and in flood. How impossible that must have seemed!!

3 The Hurdle of the City of Jericho. Here was a crowd of untrained nomads being asked to attack a well-fortified city with an unorthodox form of attack; almost laughable. How imposing that must have felt!!!

But on the night before the attack Joshua had an experience with the Commander of the Lords army which left him never the same. Praise the Lord! From then on he felt adequate, able, and authoritative to jump the hurdles. (Joshua  5: 13:-15 ) 

Got any rivers you think are uncrossable? Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through? God specializes in things impossible. He can do just what none other can do!

Hallelujah !!

Harold Peasley



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