Reflection from Sunday, September 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered why Moses was the one chosen by God to set the Hebrew people free from slavery in Egypt?

Consider this: when the Pharaoh got worried that the Hebrew people were getting too numerous and might soon rise up in revolt and fight the Egyptians for their freedom, he passed a law that the midwives should kill any Hebrew boy babies but let the girls live. That would both slow down the birth rate, and eliminate potential future Hebrew soldiers.

Moses’ mother found a unique way to save her son. She put him adrift in a waterproof basket in the reeds at the river where the Pharaoh’s daughter usually bathed. The daughter found him there, and took him to raise as her own son in the Pharaoh’s household. Moses therefore knew the inside political track, and how things worked. That’s how God prepared him for the task!

Once Moses overcame his reluctance to obey God’s call to save His people from Egypt, he went forward in faith to face the Pharaoh with courage and conviction. He answered the call after God assured him that “I will be with you – go in my name”.

Are you hesitating about something God has called you to do? Remember Moses. You won’t be alone – God will be with you.

Rudy Plug

(Note that Rudy was ill and not able to attend but forwarded this message above for the website update. Nathaniel Gal gratefully was a last-minute fill-in so we do not have a text for his message on ‘Christian Tolerance’.)

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