Reflection from July 24, 2022

Cleansing the Mind

For context:

-References to books for Christian living:  Steps to Peace with God by Billy Graham; Mere Christianity, Surprised by Joy and others by C.S. Lewis

-Of course the Bible has the foundational things to say about this subject being of course the Word of God and the first place we should look for direction

-Lots of bad news in our world… Anne Murray sang early 80’s Sure could use a little good news today! That’s for sure in 2022

So I want to talk today about ‘Cleansing the Mind’, i.e. stopping the focus on the tragic, and the negative, and on fallen stuff.

  1. I’m not talking about Escapism, I’m talking about mind-cleansing a la the Bible’s teaching that will make us more fruitful for Christ in the real world we actually live in, that will help us be solvers of some of our own problems rather than thinking we can and should solve all the world’s problems that modern technology makes us so much more aware of than ever before.
  2. Read Proverbs 23:7 Mark 7:21. We can become over-exposed to the tragic and sinful ways of the world. Don’t let your mind become like a closed green garbage bin in a hot summer heat wave. Instead . . .
  3. Practice the teachings of Philippians 4:1-9 and by all means practice the mind-cleansing taught in v.8, not forgetting the power and practice of prayer (v.6}. Stop continually listening to and watching the bad even sinful world news, and focus on where God has placed you and the difference you can make there in your place! Give yourself a break!
  4. Stay your mind on the Lord. (Isaiah 26:3)
  5.  Some good TV-evangelist advice for healthy Christian living “Be happy, care-free, and Faith-full”.

John Bunner

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