Reflection for May 19, 2024

Psalm 62

A life at rest in God”


  • An Anchor is vital for a ship, especially when there comes a storm;
  • They ‘steady’ the ship and the sailors can ‘rest’ in the knowledge that they will not drift or be moved!
  • And this is something of what David was expressing in this Psalm, but in an even greater way! Knowing that his life was at rest in God and his hope was in God made all the difference, even when the enemy surrounded him and he was near to falling! This was his hope!

How can you have a life that is at rest in God alone?

  • American Dollar bill “In God we trust” – but do we??
  • So often say we ‘trust in God’, BUT…it is only God among other hopes…God PLUS our own endeavours, ingenuity, wealth etc.
  • For David his hope was in GOD ALONE (5 times in this Psalm).
  1. Know your position – Salvation comes from God (vs. 1-2, 6-7)

David begins this Psalm with a DECLARATION.  He is not prepared to get into any discussion or theological debate on WHO is the one that has SAVED and RESCUED him from Sin! (Psalm 40).  And then in Psalm 51 he reiterates this position, even after he has sinned terribly with Bathsheba (Read Psalm 51:12). This was David’s position before the LORD, he had received HIS SALVATION as a gift!

  • Ephesians 2:8 reminds us of this…
  • Have you received the FREE GIFT of Salvation, through FAITH in Christ alone? Is this your position today – that you are IN CHRIST?
  • And this position is SECURE…look at what David said about this…v.2 and 6 (almost identical verses)

Before David was a King he was a Shepherd and before he was a Shepherd he was a Son!  The LORD was a ROCK – he would not be “greatly shaken”.

  • When your POSITION is SECURE in God you will know that He not only SAVES you but he also KEEPS you! Is that your testimony today?

When a captain or sailor knows their position (compass) then they are ready for what may potentially befall them!

  1. Understand the plan – The enemy is real and relentless (vs3-4)
  • This Psalm was written during the time of Absalom’s rebellion;
  • Absalom had ‘stolen the hearts’ of many in Israel and even David’s officials were being turned against him!
  • Yet he knew something of what they were planning (verse 4) and what their intentions were!

This is no different from how the enemy (the devil) works today…he is REAL and he is RELENTLESS in seeking to ‘batter’ people.  The Bible reminds us not to be ‘unaware of the devil’s schemes’ and how he is working!  We do not fear him for ultimately, he is a defeated foe, but yet we know that he is seeking “whom he may devour”!

UNDERSTAND THE PLAN of what the enemy is doing and how he seeks to ‘bring us down’ – but yet for the Christian there is an underlying confidence that their hope is in God and they REST in Him! That is why we have verse 3-4 sandwiched in-between David’s DECLARATION and CONFIDENCE (like 2 great walls!!)

  1. Trust in His Power (v.9-12)

David speaks of those in verses 9-10 who were not trusting in God’s power, but were setting their hope and trust in themselves! A breath, a delusion, nothing!  That is why David said: “put NO trust…” in these things!!  Why?  For they will one day fail you!!

  • Jesus said “you cannot trust God and mammon” (yourself, your wealth, your health)
  • It’s like trying to play on both sides of a ‘tug-of-war’ – you can’t win!!
  • So, who are you trusting in? Whose power is really at work in you?  (Eph. 3:20 – Power at work within us)
  • Remember… this will be seen in every aspect of our lives! (Parable of Rich Farmer – Luke?)
  • It will all go back to this question: Who are we really trusting in? Whose power are we really RESTING in?
  • Hymn: “Jesus I am resting, resting, in the joy of what thou art, I am finding out the greatness of Thy loving heart”

What is the key to this life?  We find it in verse 8…TRUST in Him at ALL TIMES!!  The key to a life that is RESTING in God Alone!!

Tim Condy, Director – Faith Missions Canada

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