Reflection for July 2, 2023

Come Holy Spirit

We had a very unique experience at our church service this Sunday. Our speaker, Kevin Rogler, was genuinely moved by the opening worship music by the Kohut family, Thomas, Lauren, and Madeline. Through their music he felt the Holy Spirit infuse him with direction for his message. He asked us to bow our heads and to feel the Holy Spirit wringing a sponge of Grace, Peace, Healing, and Hope over us. That led him into healing prayer and he invited anyone who felt a need for healing to come forward. He prayed individually over the two who responded. He prayed with fervor and passion about pushing back the real and pervasive influence of Satan in our world and in our individual lives, and about remaining confident in God’s ever present Love and care for each of us through Christ Jesus. It was a beautifully inspiring and moving few moments.

Kevin then continued with his text for the day which was Psalm 32.

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