Reflection for Good Friday 2023

These holy days

 Jesus welcomed into Jerusalem (John 12:13)The prediction of Jesus’s death (Mark 9:30-32)His rejection by the crowds (Matthew 27:15-30)His unimaginable suffering (Psalm 22:14-18)His mission and ultimate sacrifice (Luke 24:7)His resurrection (Matthew 28:1-6)His promise (Matthew 28:18-20) We know so very well the story as it unfolded 2 millennia ago; we are all central to that narrative as it continues to evolve in our age and over all time. We have faith in the recorded history as we embrace the impact of the Gospel records on our lives today. We are blessed to be gifted with Faith in Jesus the Messiah whom God promised and provided.In these weeks we share with millions of our fellow Christians our enthusiastic acceptance of the Redemption that drives our spiritual lives, motivates our day-to-day interaction with all God’s people, reminds us of Jesus’s victory over death. and instills in us the hope of Resurrection into eternal life.Find some quiet time to re-visit the biblical references above in prayerful Love and thanksgiving. Reflect on the simplicity and complexity of what we contemplate through these days of remembrance.While the Woodland Beach Church community is not together during these April days it is important wherever you are to gather in church to acknowledge our shared Faith and to experience in community the remembrance of the ultimate gift of God’s Love that is Jesus.

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