New Artwork Outside the Church

Nick Stoikos is a local artist who, just in time for Pentecost, completed and donated a stone mosaic that is now in-place around the Woodland Beach Church sign at the road. Nick is the great grandnephew of Peter Bryce who preached the first sermon in the church almost one hundred years ago.

Nick wanted to do the stone mosaic in honour of his great uncle Peter, a man of God who built the family cottage at 2034 TBRS (one of the first three cottages built at Woodland ) and next door to 2032 which was the very first cottage built at Woodland. It was built by Peter Bryce’s friend Wilfred Aldridge. Nick also wanted to celebrate that the cottage is now again in his family’s hands.

A third point of celebration was to honour Nick’s grandmother, Shari-Lynn Inglis, who in her time created amazing sculptures in the sand for Nick’s mom and her brother Mark. These sculptures helped to form Nick’s artistic interest. They were so intricate in detail that small crowds often gathered to admire her artistry and creativity. While Shari made sculptures that were soon washed away by wind and water, Nick wanted to leave a memorial in stone that will last many generations. (Reference 199 to 201 in Footprints in the Sand-Woodland Beach Memories).

Nick’s artistic piece focuses on the Holy Spirit so it is so very appropriate for this time of Pentecost. Our Sunday messages for the last two weeks related to the Spirit and you can review them on our website under the ‘News’ heading.

Please take a moment to view the piece as you pass by or when you attend the service on Sunday.

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