Message from March 6, 2022

This is a reflective time of year for our prayer lives and generally for our spiritual lives, the time between our celebration of the birth of new life in Jesus at Christmas and our recollection of His sacrificial death and the promise of eternal life through His Resurrection at Easter. It’s an appropriate time for us to reflect on the humanity of Jesus with the reminder that He lived through the same early stages of life that each of us has lived or will live through. It was always in the mind of God that the Incarnation would draw us nearer to God by identifying with Jesus in His humanity, and through that experience to His divinity.

In these frightening days of the reprehensible inhumanity we are witnessing in the Ukraine we are deeply challenged and overwhelmed by what is unfolding. It is so sadly contrasted with the underlying culture of peace among all nations that is being celebrated and promulgated right now in Beijing with the continuation of the Olympic Games. It is such a vivid reminder of the potential of man’s inhumanity to man, always in some way related to power. We know that Jesus Himself experienced the worst of human behaviour as He was seen as a challenge to the power structures of His day. However, we know that He was not deterred in His mission to bring God’s Love and salvation to all God’s people. Right through to His death He was steadfast in affirming His Faith in God . . . Not my will but yours be done. Luke 22:42

We are understandably having trouble determining God’s will in the inhumanity of the Russian Federation’s brutal intrusion into the Ukraine; however, we need to draw on our Faith in Jesus for understanding, for strength, and for support in continuing to persevere in doing our part to proclaim and restore God’s Peace and Love in our own microcosm.

Lord Jesus lead us all through these dark days . . . take our hands . . . walk with us.

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