Message from March 13, 2022


TIME is a simple /complex concept that generates very interesting discussion. What if there was no TIME? How would that impact our lives? Have you ever experienced a moment when you have no idea what time of day it is, or perhaps aren’t even sure what day it is? Sometimes when we are on holidays or just having a day to relax we can lose our sense of time. That feeling brings a wonderful sense of freedom from the constrictions that time can impose on us.

In its simplest context time is an ephemeral concept that measures how long we have been who we are . . . she is 3 hours old, he is 4 and a half, I am 27 years old, you are 87. There is no stopping it. We look at our watches, our clocks, our devices and they all keep ticking or flashing away; for some they even measure tenths or hundredths of seconds as they pass. We sense time marching on minute-by-minute, day-by-day. . . it is a constant reminder that we are always getting older, and the older we get the more we appreciate the time we have and the more conscious we become of the limit to our own lifetime, our mortality.

In another context time is essential to how we organize our lives in common understanding with others. We use it to manage what we want to do, when, and for how long. This is how we are able to conduct our lives in a responsible and productive way each day.

But beyond the simplicity of time being a functional measure or an organizer we really need to think macro and focus our lifetimes in the context of eternity, timelessness. God broke the barrier between our time and God’s time by introducing us into eternity. In our individual micro-time span we have a limited time to become what God intended each of us to be, to comprehend the reason why God created each unique one of us, namely to be loving reflections of God’s divine Love, living in Christ Jesus, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. We want to use every moment of our lives to work toward that purpose in our own way.

Heavenly God, we know our time on earth is but a few words in the cosmic story. Help us to use our time wisely, and leave our mark when our time is done. In Jesus’ name, we pray. (Pastor Jack Graham)

In this context the important contrast for us to understand is between our time in this life and the eternity of our life in union with God . . . the mystery of our resurrection from micro to macro. Eternal life is the wonderful promise of Jesus that He gifted us through His suffering and death and resurrection.

Let’s remember that every moment of time, here and hereafter, is not a moment to be rushed but a moment to be cherished as a gift of God’s timeless Love.

My time has not yet come but your time is always. John 7:16

Jesus had a very limited time to accomplish His human mission, but He did it and it changed time for all time. We too have a limited time firstly to determine our unique individual mission and secondly to accomplish it. We do that best by finding time to pray and to meditate regularly, to listen for God’s loving voice.

I will be with you always, even to the end of this world. Matthew 28:20

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