Message from June 30, 2019

When we have kids in attendance the Sunday speaker takes a few moments to address them directly with an appropriate interpretation of the message for the day. The focus today was on ‘contentment’ and the use of a happy-face balloon with the continuing inflating of air representing the wanting for more and more than we have, until it popped.

The adults we were reminded of the discontent prevalent in today’s culture, reflected for example in the fast food industry which introduces constantly changing offerings to satisfy what is the insatiable desire for more and better. The longing for a better tomorrow or a return to the good old days always comes with a cost. Jesus focuses on us today. Today is where we live and that is where Jesus speaks to us. Satan glorifies the past and entices with a bountiful future. We must guard the heart against discontentment. Our Hope is the Joy of the lord to be fulfilled in the eternal life that Jesus promises. Our Faith provides the strength we need to recognize Jesus’s voice in the here-and-now to experience contentment in His presence.

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