Message from July 7

Message from July 7

From Corinthians 5:14 For Christ’s Love compels us.

When Christ’s Love compels and controls our life the extraordinary will become ordinary. To experience this start with the simple challenge of trying to love someone in your life who is difficult to love. Be present to what Jesus wants you do to with that person, be available to show that person the Love of Jesus, be intentional in acting as a disciple of Jesus.
Remember that Jesus would go to people who are not like us, to people we would not ordinarily encounter. When we live and love like Jesus it will control our life.
We had an inspiring insight this morning into what it means to know and love Jesus and then to go out to show His Love to others. Who is Jesus calling each one of us to Love?

With special thanks to Larry Duck on keyboard, John Bunner on drums, and Alberta MacDonald for her post-service refreshments.

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