Message from August 15, 2021

The Evolution of Music in the Church

I have been a musician since I was 7 years old, starting with the piano. But despite my music I was a bad kid looking for trouble. Eventually I found myself in prison, a convicted armed bank robber. Thanks to Salvation Army Chaplain Dave Mullins I received a Bible. I had lots of time to practice guitar and read the Bible and other Christian books and eventually I came to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.
And I found that the Bible is all about music worship: Ephesians 5:18-20 says, Don’t ruin your life. Instead let the
Holy Spirit fill and control you… sing spiritual songs… give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Philippians 4:6-7 says that worship replaces worry and helps guard your heart with Christ’s peace. Inspired by 4:8 I try to sing songs that focus on what is true, honourable and right, pure, lovely and admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

Paul exhorts us to practice our worship. I know that when you practice, you’re never done!

Traditional church music has evolved into popular worship music that resonates with more current modes of musical expression. I am blessed to be part of a music ministry that has enabled my group to perform over one hundred and forty worship concerts a year. Let’s keep worshiping and loving and living for our Lord, and the God of peace will be with us!

Tom Rowe


I am excited today to be celebrating the founding of our local Christian radio station (100.3 FM)
today, It is the 22nd anniversary of the station. I am excited too to work with Tom in his music ministry and to play percussion with him here today.
I too have followed a path of ups and downs. I met my wife Janice in Grade 7. We experienced a very traditional church upbringing and were wandering until we had an awakening through our daughter Crystal. We have two children, Brett
and Crystal. When a friend of Crystal’s invited her to go to an Awana children’s programme at their church we agreed to go to help Crystal get more points for her Awana Club team. We then started to attending church with
her. Several months later we were invited to dinner at the pastor’s house and that evening we prayed together and accepted Jesus as our Saviour. Through the hard times and dark moments we have experienced in our Christian lives Christ has always been there with us! With Jesus’s love and direction we have found our ministry in music!

Scott Jackson

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