Message for September 6, 2020

Luke 24;15 Jesus Himself drew near and went with them.

For three years these two disciples had watched Jesus perform many miracles, teach crowds of people, and live a sinless life right before their eyes. With each passing year their hopes and expectations increased to the point that they were expecting Him to take the throne in Israel and free the nation from Roman rule. In a matter of hours their hopes were dashed to pieces as Jesus was arrested, crucified and his body placed in a tomb. In a state of utter confusion, dejection and disappointment they set out for their home in Emmaus. It was at this very moment on their journey that we read Jesus Himself drew near and went with them.

Note how His presence changed everything;

Confusion to understanding – Sadness to joy – Discouragement to hope – A blurred vision to recommissioning. When Jesus drew near everything changed.

Note where His presence is found;

On the road as they traveled – In the home – At the table as they ate – and later in the upper room as they met

Note how He revealed Himself;

Through the scripture – By His Spirit causing their hearts to burn within – At the breaking of bread as they sat in fellowship at the table.

In these days of Covid 19 you may be confused, sad, discouraged or have lost your vision spiritually. Whatever your spiritual, emotional, physical state or circumstance may be, Jesus desires to draw near and go with you. You will find Him in the Scriptures, and as you fellowship with other followers of Jesus, His Spirit will make Him known as you get honest, confess your need, and open your heart to Him.

May God bless you richly

John Bennett

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