In Memory of Greg Armstrong

Please look up in the sky tonight.  There will be a new star shining so very brightly.   Pastor Greg Armstrong, the pastor at my Woodland Beach Community Church is now at peace in God’s arms.  Greg had a Faith as big as the sky, but he also had a kind heart, empathy, inspirational sermons, musical talents, a love for Woodland Beach, the water, our community Church, his family and all people .  I met Greg almost 6 years ago, when I went to a music night at the church.  His words touched me so much, I went back the next day and kept on going every week thereafter.  I am having a very hard time believing he is gone and wonder where I will go now for those  words of inspiration.  My heart goes out to his wife Nancy, and two children.  During his cancer journey Greg told me (with such Faith and trust), it’s all in God’s hands Judy.  You will be greatly missed my dear friend.

Judy Cabell

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