Easter Sunday Message

Without the Lord Jesus Christ rising from the dead Christianity becomes a mere religious philosophy. However, the resurrection DID occur confirming Christ’s message of salvation and eternal life.
Some proofs of His resurrection are:
1) The Old Testament section of the Bible prophesied it (Acts 10:43). For instance, 1,000 years before our Lord lived among us, King David, knowing from God that one of his descendants would be the Messiah, noted that the Holy One would not be abandoned to the grave or see decay (Psalm 16:10). Peter in Acts 2:30 noted that David was a prophet and seeing what was ahead spoke of the resurrection of Christ. “Wicked men put Him to death by nailing Him to a cross but God raised Him from the dead!” (Acts 2:23-24).
2) The Lord Jesus Himself repeatedly predicted His resurrection (Matthew 16:21; 17:22-23; 27:63; Mark 9:9-10; John 2:18-22 etc.).
3) The Lord’s tomb was EMPTY! If the authorities wished to silence the believers, all they had to do was produce a body, but they could not (John 20:3-9). Note: the linen burial cloth was there but the corpse was nowhere to be found!
4) More than 500 people saw Jesus after He had risen (1st Corinthians 15:3-8; Acts 2:32; Acts 10:39-43), touched Him (John 20:24-29), ate with Him (John 21:12-14)., talked with Him (John 21:15-19), received instructions from Him (Matthew 28:18-20), or saw Him rise into Heaven (Acts 1:6-11) etc.
5) The lives of Jesus’ disciples were revolutionized! They went from hiding in fear, that those who crucified the Lord would soon be coming for them, to boldly telling everyone that they needed to repent of their sin and trust the RISEN Christ to save them (including the very people who had had
Him put to death) (Acts 4:8-20; Acts 5:40-42; etc.).
6) The resurrection was the central message of the early church (Acts 4:33; Acts 5:30-32; Romans 4:24-25; etc.).
7) Through the centuries down to today men and women and boys and girls can testify to the transforming power of the risen Christ in their lives.
I would not be writing these words if the risen Jesus had not forgiven and transformed me.
Why not take time to look up the Bible passages noted above. They will build your faith. Ask the risen Saviour to forgive your sins and come into your life.

He’s ALIVE and waiting!

Currie Phillips

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