Message from July 11, 2021

A Working Relationship with God

From the beginning of human history, God has been reaching out to his wayward children! In the Garden, after Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s directives and hid from him, God called out “Where are you?” Throughout Old Testament history, God uses leaders faithful to him and prophets to call people back to himself. Some yield, but often, others resist the call. Jesus Christ’s coming as the Word/Logos of God, God incarnate, was the ultimate event to reconcile a wayward creation back to himself. In John 14:15-27, Jesus makes an astounding statement. He says that whoever obeys his words and commands, then he, Jesus, and his Father will make their home in that person’s life through the Holy Spirit. Imagine, the triune God actually dwelling in our lives! Poets and hymn writers, both in biblical times as well as more modern times sometimes encapsulate biblical truth in profound phrases. In the 1800’s, Samuel Longfellow, wrote a piece which is a prayer for the Holy Spirit to work into our lives foundational strengths to equip us on our journey with our God. Christianity is, in its truest essence, a living relationship with our Creator, enabled through Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection on our behalf. The words of this hymn that are included on the HOME page are a prayer which yearn for a close working relationship with God.

John K.

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